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Screen Shots I Made And Edited of Fassbender & McAvoy’s Details Shoot (x)


GASP State Two Room 11

GASP Stage Two is the penultimate gesture of the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park (GASP!) .  It is composed of architecture that responds to  the scale of the surrounding landform.  Blunt forms frame and command the superlative Tasmanian landscape.  Colour and architecture have been used as a vehicle for  re-evaluation and re-appreciation of place. 

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"The New World Series I &II" | Anonymous Places of the 20th Century

Design: Robert G. Achtel & Jens Bambauer of Geebird&Bamby | Limited editions of 100 per piece, PLEXIGLAS sealed Kodak exposures, laminated on DIBOND

"The New World" revisits anonymous places of the 20th century. It is set in a time characterized by the conflict of Modernist and Postmodernist convictions, its influence on later 20th century history, and ultimately, the world we live in today. - Via: 1 | 2

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Reflective Optical Illusion House 

Argentine artist Leandro Erlich was commissioned by the Barbican in London to install a version of his wildly popular optical illusion that creates the visual effect of instant weightlessness. 


In one of his most ambitious suspended installations to date, artist Tomás Saraceno (previously) launches visitors at the K21 Staendehaus museum in Düsseldorf more than 65 feet (20 meters) above the main piazza with a taunt, multi-level web of netting. Titled In Orbit the giant interactive piece is constructed from three separate levels of safety nets accessible from various points in the museum separated by enormous PVC balls measuring almost 30 feet (8.5 meters) in diameter. The resulting aerial landscape is an interesting hybrid between science fiction, spider webs, neural pathways and cloud formations.

photo credit: Studio Saraceno & Kunstsammlung NRW

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